We also make preserved garlic vinegar, & exports to all major countries. Use as much garlic as you wish, as long as it is completely submerged in the vinegar. Store your garlic vinegar in the refrigerator and use both the vinegar and the garlic in salad dressings or any dish that calls for both vinegar and garlic. Garlic vinegar will keep, refrigerated, for about four months. If mold develops, discard the mixture.

We use acetic acid or brine solution for preserved garlic cloves. so that the self life will increased and the products test does not changed.

Pickled garlic

Size: 150/250, 250/350, 350/450, 450/550, 600/800, 800/1000.   Ingredients: salt, citric acid, acetic acid

Packing: in plastic (HDPE) barrels of 50 kgs, 170 KGS, 100KGS, net drained weight   Loading: 20’Dry (standard) container, NET LOAD: 14 MT.

Processing type: raw, additives: citric acid, acetic acid,   Shelf life: 24 months,   Place of origin: Mahuva (INDIA)   Taste: salty, color: white,

Pickled garlic, size: 150/250, 250/350, 350/450, 450/550, 600/800, Ingredients: salt, citric acid, acetic acid

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